We build dynamic sales engines for growing B2B companies.

Hand-crafted outbound sales, new business development, and conversion funnel design.

We build the pipeline, you close the deal.

Since 2013, we’ve been building high-performance sales systems for digital innovators and technology companies.

We build your list of fresh sales prospects

We source your quality list of fresh leads and prospects to fit your ideal customer profile, so there’s always right-fit contacts and accounts to pursue.

We execute your high quality sales outreach

We go to market under your brand to source new business, with prospecting strategies that deliver sales-ready leads into your pipeline.

We create your sales content and messaging

We create high-impact scripts and narratives to always steer conversations in the right direction in phone calls, emails, LinkedIn, demos, and presentations.

We build your email conversion funnels

We execute quality email marketing and lead nurturing so your potential customers engage with you on their journey from warm interest to a closed sale.

Quadrupled the deals in our pipeline.

The RevenueBuilder guys have been fantastic: the results are there, the questions I ask are answered straight away. We’ve quadrupled the number of deals in our pipeline and I can’t see us doing it without them, because I’ve tried everything else and nothing else worked.

The RevenueBuilder guys have been fantastic: the results are there, the questions I ask are answered straight away. We’ve quadrupled the number of deals in our pipeline and I can’t see us doing it without them, because I’ve tried everything else and nothing else worked.



+ 400%

Client often see a 400% increase in pipeline value within four months.

The pipeline peace-of-mind you're looking for.

Most sales problems are pipeline problems. Until you deploy a fine-tuned, high volume outreach strategy, you’re never going to get serious territory coverage and your pipeline will stay patchy. We make sure you’ve got the right prospects at the right deal value, and they’re on their way to a close. It’s pretty much all we do.

The fast way to scale your sales outreach.

To generate the SQLs and deals you need, you need to scale up both the volume and quality of your sales outreach. We execute a hand-crafted approach that appeals to your buyers, with convincing messaging, smart conversations, great content and just a little bit of automation.

"RevenueBuilder has driven our sales operations to a new level. Their hands-on projects continue to give us the revenue injection we need. All of the strategic work and sales methodology Brad created has been invaluable to our recent growth and we use it every day."

Steven Arthur // Strategy Director // Yordar


The role of content in successful prospecting.

In today’s B2B sales, content is a critical part of your prospecting system and conversion funnel.


Developed content for inbound lead generation and automated outbound prospecting campaigns.


Executed cold outreach with multiple content assets, landing pages and sales brochures.​


Developed enterprise sales and reseller outreach program with micro-sites and lead magnets.

When you have a powerful sales pitch, you win.

Your prospects are being bombarded by hundreds of companies just like yours every month. You and I might know that your solution is the best fit, but if you haven’t got their attention, your story doesn’t see the light of day. We write unique headlines, eye-popping sales narratives and short, sharp videos so your prospects pay attention, and reply to cold emails.

Nudging leads to a conversion.

We integrate our outbound prospecting activity with your email marketing system for a seamless conversion funnel. Right from the start we agree on what qualifies a lead, prospect and live opportunity, and we establish your lead nurture strategy to make sure no opportunity falls through the cracks.

"Brad built our sales outreach program and our opt-in sales funnels for our new trade show software and we got results quicker than we expected. He was instrumental in coaching our team in the rest of the deal cycle and we landed 12 new accounts in the first month."

Mike Center // Exec VP // DataConnect

See How It Works

View our 5-step system to building your pipeline.


What our clients say.

We’ve delivered results for SaaS vendors like Perenso and Conserve, robotics manufacturers like Carbonix, mining tech vendors like Beaver Process, media innovators like Global Rev Gen and Axis Social, and digital platform builders like Yordar and Neighbourlytics. We also advise global brands like Microsoft and Google-backed startups like Yieldify.

Client Testimonial - Aaron Govindasamy

Aaron Govindasamy // Director

We got great results working with Brad at RevenueBuilder. Over the last six months, Brad has enabled our business to get on the front foot in executing our sales strategy, we’ve now got a proper sales funnel, a new website and content, email marketing is in place and we’ve got a fully mapped prospecting process.

Client Testimonial - Matthew Asimus

Matt Asimus // CEO & Co-Founder

The playbook Brad has developed with us is filled with high-performance sales strategies and best practices. It has led to an increase in our sales velocity, improved efficiency through intelligent automation and ultimately a significant increase in the sales conversion rates of our right-fit clients.


Salvador Klein // CEO

We went after a new territory and in the first few weeks RevenueBuilder delivered us 250% ROI. It’s hard to say no to something like that, it’s compelling. What’s really impressive is the accountability and responsibility they take, but also the fact that they actually deliver every time. They helped us slow down a bit and get the strategy right before we just jumped in, which actually saved us money.



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