Competitive sales strategy development

We help you get crystal clear on what tactics, behaviours and assets will get you to your revenue goals and establish your brand as a competitive contender.

OK, so what is Strategy?

A competitive sales strategy is a coherent set of decisions that puts you in a winning position.

The assumptions you make about how it will work must be tested or at least be evidence-based from the start, and it must be pragmatic.

What makes strategy uncomfortable for many sales organisations is that it inevitably has theory — rather than action — at its core, and that theory often goes something like this:

Here’s why we should be on this particular playing field and not this other one.

And here’s how — on the playing field we’ve chosen — we are going to be better than our competitors and better than the status quo so we can sell enough of our product or service to exceed expectations and hit our goals.

But the theory must be logical and most importantly, it has to produce action after the theory has been mapped out.

All of th
is is often overlooked in sales because there’s an urge to rush into high-volume execution and “just get it done”. And that’s fine up to a point, and it’s extra fine if you’re already winning hands down in your category.

But if you want more revenue and a more reliable way of competing to win, you need to start with strategy.



Sales strategy design / Managed sales campaigns / Conversion funnels / Sales content creation /
Pitch development and messaging / Fresh leads and prospecting lists / Sales process automation

Problems we solve

We create your practical sales acceleration roadmap and action plan before we press go on executing your sales outreach. It’s all about helping you get crystal clear on how you’ll make rapid revenue gains every quarter with us and without us.


Need to speed up the sales cycle and close more deals earlier in the quarter.


Not enough qualified prospects in the funnel and the quarter is looking shakey.


No articulated sales process for the team to follow, so there’s no best practice selling.


You’re in a highly competitive space, and when your brand is not widely known, it’s tough.

Amplify old advantages and identify new ones

Your business has unique strengths you can capitalise on to speed up growth. We help you identify the most powerful way to amplify those strengths, uncover more high-yield opportunities, and position you ahead of your competition.

Strategy must be practical

Every piece of strategy and advisory work must yield a tactical outcome.

Deep dive on potential

Together, we identify your sales challenges and future potential and we then do a ‘deep dive’ discovery that gets us started on producing the goods. We work together through this process so you’re educating us on your business while we start seeing opportunities.

Capitalise on opportunities

Based on years of experience diagnosing and fixing sales problems, we then get stuck into researching your current position, factors influencing your success, a summary of best-practice in your category, and a plan to capitalise on opportunities for the future.

Leveraging your existing assets

We also conduct a review of your internal sales operation and assets to see how you can put them to better use, and how we can leverage those assets as we execute done-for-you sales execution.

You new sales methodology

Once we’ve gathered all the information, we start producing your sales growth strategy document, your methodology and your customised sales process map. From there we review your sales execution plan and once you’re happy, we press go on outreach.

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