Your list of fresh leads and prospecting data

We source, clean and validate your quality list of fresh leads and prospects to fit your ideal customer profile.​

Everything starts with first-party data​

Everything starts with first party data

Outbound sales and marketing means being very precise about who you target. We specialise in building highly customised target lists for your business and for specific lead generation initiatives.

Top 50 target accounts

This is a short list of the most desirable companies you wish to do business with. We treat these more like key accounts with a specially curated approach.

Primary audience list

This is a comprehensive database of accounts and contacts who fit your ideal customer profile in a given geographic location. It’s usually in the thousands.

Suppression list

So we don’t reach out to your existing contacts, you supply us with a list of companies and people to avoid so there’s never any confusion or duplication.

Avoid costly misfires in your sales outreach

We go beyond LinkedIn to locate a complete data profile from sales intel providers like Clearbit, DemandBase, Apollo, and Cognism to source complete accurate data profiles.

You take ownership of all data

You get all the data you need. We focus as much on fresh account data as we do on individual contacts. Rest assured that we deliver high quality and accuracy every time – it’s our promise to you.

Initial briefing and samples

The critical first step is taking your brief. We have a questionnaire and briefing document which enables you to give us granular information on exactly who you wish to target. We then do a small sample list of up to 50 contact records so you can double check we’ve got the right people.

Excel, Google Sheets, and your CRM

We always provide you with an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, or a Google Sheet if you prefer. This is formatted with filters for each column. We can also upload the list into your preferred CRM and into any sales engagement or outreach platform. 

Data for new accounts

Account data includes company name and parent company, address and location data, website URL, relevant departments or divisions, industry SIC codes, firmographics, technographics data.

Data for new contacts

Contact data includes the individual’s full name, job title, job function and seniority, departments or lines of responsibility, email address, phone numbers, office location, and LinkedIn profile URL.

Phone, email and location data

Sourcing accurate personal contact data is where most of our effort is focused. We source and double verify the recency of listed mobile phone numbers, office phone lines and extensions, as well as the particular individual’s office address.

Firmographics and right fit

To make sure we only provide you with prospects who match your ideal client profile, we source and match the right data for industry, location, revenue, company size, and ownership type. We can also go a level deeper on technographics and trends.

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