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If you’ve worked with sales consultants or agencies before, you’ve seen how easy it can be to waste time on theoretical plans and impractical strategies. With us, it’s about assets, action and outcomes. If you want a reliable sales partner and you're ready for results, we should talk.

Client Testimonial - Dan Metcalf

Experience and impact.

Brad is the consummate sales professional – his mastery of numerous sales methodologies make him an invaluable asset. Vastly experienced, innovative, analytical and all importantly — the guy that can be relied on to deliver new deals at month’s end.




Client usually see a 400% increase in pipeline value within four months.

Small, agile and highly responsive to your needs.

We never wanted to grow into a big company, so we’re more like a small team of hands-on partners — practical and “in the trenches” with you. 

We build your sales engine for you, then we execute outreach in collaboration with you. This gives you a better return on your investment because you take ownership of the systems, content, tech stack, messaging and outreach model forever. Long after the work is done, you’re still winning.



Pipeline Generated

$146 million

Clients Serviced


Projects Delivered


Background and combined expertise.

Founded by Brad Monaghan nine years ago, RevenueBuilder is now one of the world’s most well-regarded sales consultancies. As you can tell from this website, Brad is the principal driver of all our projects, and that’s just how our clients like it.

A little more about us.

The majority of our work tends to be in the US, Australia, the UK, Europe and Canada. We're happy to work with clients in other parts of the world of course, but we find that getting content and messaging right in other languages is a challenge, especially when it comes to fast A/B testing and optimisation.

Why so much focus on tech?

Sales is still about people interacting, but efficiency, accuracy, and scale can only be achieved with the right tech stack like outreach, automation, lead capture tools, chatbots, and AI. Most of the tech we use is simple, and we integrate it for you.

A special set of skills

All of us come from sales and marketing disciplines, but we’re also system builders, lead generation obsessives, UX fanciers, RevOps nerds, and sales tech advisors. While we know that logical strategy is important, it’s the assets and revenue generated that matter in the end.

$275 million total

It’s hard to prove, but we’ve delivered almost $150 million in pipeline for hundreds of clients since 2013. If you take into account the long-term impact of our projects, it’s more like $275 million because our clients continue to leverage the sales engines we build for years to come, long after we’ve “left the room”.

It takes some heavy lifting

Healthy sales pipelines require a smart outreach model, relatable messaging, respectful persuasion skills, and rapid responsiveness. As much as we wish it wasn’t the case, there are actually no shortcuts and no cutting corners, it’s just genuine hard work, lots of persistence, and clever execution.


Who do we work with?

Our clients all have three things in common — they want more structure in their sales and lead generation process, they want a more reliable way to accelerate growth, and they want a stronger sales pipeline. Sound like you?

Innovative boundary pushers who want sales structure

We’re passionate about companies who innovate and have built their own product. If you’re in a high-innovation category or emerging technology, even better. We help you reach not only new customers, but also new partners and resellers.

Funded start-ups ready to accelerate growth

Startups usually need to accomplish big results on a small budget. Their priorities are usually to quickly establish credibility in their market, ensure their lead generation budget produces conversions, not just social media likes, and to generate revenue and acquire more investment.

Medium-sized businesses who are ready to scale

Established medium-sized companies usually need to achieve more market share, grow their territory coverage, generate more leads and convert deals more quickly without overspending on sales staff. 

Larger enterprises who want more territory coverage

Bigger firms usually need to fix a broken sales process, increase deal value and velocity, and outpace their competition with more growth. Most big companies have a good sales operation but usually want to cover more territory with a stronger pipeline every quarter and more deals closed.

So you probably have questions…

So you probably have questions…

Do you replace marketing agencies?

Well, sort of. It’s our belief that most companies should own their lead generation and outbound sales function themselves. So we do the work of building your internal capabilities so you produce far better results than any agency ever will. And you become masters of your own pipeline pretty fast.

Is it more for sales or marketing teams?

It’s for both. Some companies have their marketing team own the “top of funnel” in lead generation, while others put the focus on their sales team. Most companies have a hybrid whereby marketing generates leads which are then handed over to sales. We make sure both inbound and outbound are properly set up and there’s no gaps between the two. But ultimately we believe that you need to be generating Sales Qualified Leads who are imminently preparing to buy from you, as opposed to marketing qualified leads who just want your content.

Is it an alternative to hiring more staff?

We teach your existing team how to run their lead generation and sales programs better, so in a way, our work is a sort of professional development and upskilling exercise for your people. As we build your sales engine together, they will become very adept at both the sales and marketing sides of lead generation, so you probably won’t need to hire new people unless you want to scale or accelerate your growth and really ramp things up fast.

But is automation okay for sales?

Automation can't replace sales pros who close deals, but it can replace a lot of the low-value tasks that chew up a salesperson’s day. But direct, individualised and manual selling still works best. At RevenueBuilder, we show you how to leverage sales technology because it saves a huge amount of time in qualifying - and disqualifying - leads that are not likely to buy from you, so you keep your efforts focused on those who will. But we've tested hundreds of different approaches and we know for sure that hand-crafted and manual sales outreach still gets better results.

What about our existing tech stack?

We are platform-agnostic, so we adapt to your existing sales automation, CRM and email marketing platforms. We do have our favourites of course, such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, Salesmate, Woodpecker, Reply.io and HubSpot, but we also love Vidyard, ActiveCampaign, Send In Blue, Autopilot, and Outreach. 

Where are you located?

Our main offices are in Sydney and London, but we also have a presence in New York. Location doesn’t get in the way of our delivery of good work. We’ve been doing lots of work remotely for many years and our systems are all in place to facilitate easy collaboration no matter where you are.

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